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What is the Taracea?

The taracea is a technique that reproduces the pieces of furniture that decorated the palace of the Alhambra 700 years ago. The materials they used were different , for example bone from cows or bulls, metals like bronce or silver, various types of wood like mahogany,ebony, olive.... We continue today making Taracea in exactly the same way. To make the small pieces we glue the large pieces to the center from the outside together and cut it as slices... For a better understanding you can watch our next video.

We are Tradition

We´ve been working the taracea in our workshop from 1877. The Muslim made the furniture of taracea in Granada by hand during centuries and we continue the work in the same way.

We are Craftwork

Everything in our workshop is made by hand. You can find anything from a small box to a desk. We use excellent materials such as wood, metals and animal bones.

We are Family

Our family has been working using the same technique during different generations.


Taracea English Explanation

How we make the taracea from 700 years ago.

Our Products

Here below we show you a part of our products. We copy most of the furniture of the Alhambra in the same way, but we also create new pieces of taracea. If you are interested in a piece or if you want to see more colours or details please contact us.

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Table 7


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Table 6 a


Table 6


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All Our Work

Frequently asked questions

Yes, our products are sent anywhere in the world

It depends on the country we are sending to.

We send our products through international companies such as Cedex or Dhl, depending on the country. All our sent items have a safe delivery guarantee.

The guarantee would take charge and we would send you a new one.

In reality,no. They are made from wood and so they are pretty resistant.

Yes, all our materials are natural as we only use various types of wood, bone and metal.

Most are finished off by hand with lacquer.

Contact Us

Here you can find differents ways to contact us if you want to buy anything or if you want to know more about us. Dont hesitate and write or call us we are glad to answer you.

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